Winston Videos Now Featured on Vimeo and YouTube

2014 Winston Vimeo and YouTube Release Photo

Lights, Camera, Winston Action Now On Vimeo and YouTube

Winston has expanded its social reach with Vimeo (hotlink) and YouTube (hotlink). These channels provide viewers with a sampling of the many high definition films available on the website, highlighting all the new rods, the  products, and fly fishing adventures from around the world. If you have not already, we encourage you to stop by and watch our company and product videos, as well as share in our travels and adventures, all in high definition!


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Beckie Clarke Joins Winston’s Pro Advisory Team as Freshwater Specialist

2013 Beckie Profile Photo, Color

Beckie Clarke has always lived a life of adventure. Even as a young child, it was clear that the outdoors would serve, not just as her career, but her home. Beckie is passionate about living a healthy life and sharing the fly fishing lifestyle with family, friends and her clients. Her commitment to conservation and education is unmatched.

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Building The Perfect Fly Rod: A Conversation with Annette McLean, Part I

2014 Annette McLane Photo copyWe’re beginning a new series on the blog to introduce you to some of the executive leadership here at Winston. Since the company began in 1929, there has been an uncompromising approach to creating the finest fly rods in the world.

In this post, VP of Operations and Design Annette McLean shares the company’s perspectives on the design philosophy that shapes how each rod series is designed, prototyped, and tested before finding its way onto the racks of your favorite fly shop. She has been a part of virtually every stage and department related to rod manufacture and design: boron and graphite rod building, reel seat production, and bamboo rod building.

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Winston Shines on Instagram and Twitter

Winston Rods on Twitter and Instagram

Winston has expanded its social reach with Instagram and Twitter. These channels provide viewers with a closer look at the company, its people and its products through photography and real time news and information. If you have not already, we encourage you to stop by and get to know Winston on a more personal level, as well as share in our travels and adventures.

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Winston Goes Live with NEW Product Videos

Winston Rods - Product Videos

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Product Videos featuring our Boron series rods. First up is Winston’s new BORON III LS light line series.

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Joan Wulff Online HD Flycasting Series Release

2013 Joan Wulff Release

Adding to the multitude of new features recently announced on Winston’s new website, the Winston Rod Company today released the first installment of its new 10-episode online HD flycasting instructional video series, One on One with Joan Wulff. The first collection of six HD instructional videos are available for viewing immediately: Introduction with Joan Wulff, Creating the Loop, The Basic Cast, The Casting Stroke, False Casting, and Drift. The second installment with the five remaining more advanced HD instructional movies will be announced shortly.

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Tom Larimer, Two-Handed Specialist, Joins Winston’s Pro Advisory Team


Tom is one of the most revered Spey casting instructors in the country and is credited with designing some of the best Spey lines in world. He is also a professional fly tier, photographer, and author. Tom has lived and guided in Oregon since 2001. Before moving to the Northwest, Tom first made his name on the world famous upper Kenai River in Alaska and the fabled steelhead and trout waters of Northwest Michigan. As a seventeen-year veteran guide, Tom has developed a level of patience rarely seen on steelhead waters, and an enthusiasm for sharing his passion and deep knowledge of two-handed casting; both on and off the water.

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Introducing Winston’s NEW Boron III TH, Two-Handed Series

Winston Rods - Boron III TH

The Boron III TH series was designed with input from some of the finest spey casters in the world and successfully builds on Winston’s two-handed tradition of handcrafting perfectly balanced, responsive, high-performance rods. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this series is more powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the incredibly popular Boron II X two-handed series it replaces. This rod is also lightweight and allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy and cast long distances, with ease. The Boron III TH is the ideal selection for any style of two-handed angling and can easily transition between Touch-and-Go, Underhand and Sustained Anchor techniques. No matter if you’re fishing Traditional Spey, Skagit, Scandi or Switch lines, this series will meet the challenge. Offering extraordinary power, responsiveness and accuracy, the Boron III TH is perfectly balanced to enhance line delivery and minimize fatigue. This series has unquestionably set a new standard in the world of two-handed rods.

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New Winston Logo T-Shirts, Hoodies and Caps

Logo Accessories PR

A company’s accessories should reflect the quality of the brand, and this is exactly the case with Winston’s NEW Logo T-Shirts, Hoodies and Caps! The premium materials used in the construction of the T-Shirts and Hoodies has the soft feel of cotton, but the performance properties of a technical fabric. And the new Ball Caps are available in a variety of popular colors, with a full section of Twill Cotton and Trucker Mesh designs. All of the new accessories sport the Winston logo and “Twin Bridges, MT”; the home of Winston Rod Co.

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Introducing Winston’s NEW Light Line Series: The Boron III LS

2014 Boron III LS Press Release Photo

The Boron III LS perfectly blends the incredible “Winston Feel” with Boron III technology to produce a modern light line series. This medium-fast action series is lively and responsive, and delicately presents a fly with extraordinary accuracy. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this remarkably lightweight series has incredible touch, feel and control. These rods are the ideal selection for small stream enthusiasts, anglers using light tippets for big fish, or those who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. The Boron III LS sets a new standard in what one should expect from a light line series.

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